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Caring for your Cabinetry

Our cabinetry is finished using ML Campbell finishes. ML Campbell has been manufacturing quality wood finishes for over 100 years and is considered an industry standard. 

Fingerprints, cooking fumes, residue, etc., accumulates on any finished surface. None of these contaminants will harm the finish, but they should be periodically removed to restore the finish to its original luster.

Just wipe the surface with a soft cloth dampened with a non-wax containing product or mild detergent solution. Avoid the use of ammonia based products or silicone oils as they may cause damage if used over a long period of time.

The finish is durable and resistant to most household spills. However, spills should be wiped up promptly to avoid potential problems.

Do not scrub aggressively on the finish. Following these simple steps will keep your finished project looking new for many years to come.

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